Request for Odor Control Consultation

Customer Information: Please fill-out and submit the following Web form or download a printable PDF which you can complete and fax to 203-380-0358, attention Nature-Plus Enzyme Products.

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What does your operating permit allow you to do on your site? :
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Project Information
Description of Odor Problem: Example : Is it a particular operation occurring at the site? Examples: compost, bio-solids treatment, leachate collection pond, specific loads that you are receiving, or odor coming off the site when temporary cover is removed at the start of each day odor type(s) ( garbage, green waste, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptan)
Maximum concentration (ppm) :
Odor source :
Are there prevailing winds? :
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If yes, what direction? :
Is the site fenced? :
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What length of fence do you wish to protect? :
Odor occurrence (seasonal, periodic, constant) :
Incidence of dust :
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Physical Description of Area to be Treated
Dimensions of area to be treated (e.g. height, width, length, volume, acres, etc.) :
If area is enclosed, is the area ventilated? :
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         CFM of Air Flow :
Have your tried other odor control methods? What type of system?
Please describe any odor control equipment currently in use. Please include current operating parameters? (e.g. misters, scrubbers, bio-filters)
Are there workers in the area to be treated? :
Yes   | No
Available Resources
            Compressed Air :   
  PSI :         CFM :      
            Potable Water
  Location :      
  120  |     220  |     440  |     VAC

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