EcoCare Odor Shield

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EcoCare Odor Shield - Garbage Odor Eliminator

EcoCare Odor Shield is a concentrated natural fermentation product for treatment of garbage odors
  • Proven Effective
  • Low Cost
  • Safe; non-toxic
  • Biodegradable, environmentally friendly
  • Not a perfume or masking agent
Applications :

  • Hauling Containers
  • Garbage Trucks
  • Transfer stations
  • Tipping Floors
  • Compactors
  • Shredders
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Dumpsters
  • Meat Rendering
  • Food Processing
  • Dairies
  • Trash Compactors
  • Hauling Containers
  • Garbage Cans
  • Dumpsters

How EcoCare Odor Shield Works :
EcoCare Odor Shield is not a cover-up or masking agent. It biodegrades and neutralizes odors from organics, such as garbage, urine, feces, grease, etc. Foul organics are reduced drastically or eliminated completely without perfumes.

EcoCare Odor Shield is Non-Toxic, Non-Sensitizing, Hypo-Allergenic, Biodegradable, and Bacteria Free.

Dilution Instructions :
Note : EcoCare Odor Shield is a Concentrated product. Normal dilution rate for use on strong garbage odors is from 1:56 to 1:72 ( 1 part EcoCare Odor Shield Concentrate plus 55 to 71 parts water )

Methods Of Application :
For use in Pressure Pump Garden or Back Sprayers : Add diluted product to sprayer till approximately 2/3 full and spray liberally on odor source.

For use in Pressure Washers : Follow manufacturers instructions on chemical introduction of a Concentrate.

For use in Garden Eductor Applicators : Add Concentrate directly to sprayer jar, attach garden hose to eductor and spray odorous surfaces.

For use in Household Spray Bottles : Fill bottle with diluted product and spray in garbage cans, garbage bags, restrooms, and hard to reach areas.

Usage Tips to Control Odors Effectively with EcoCare Odor Shield :
  • Spray the inside and outside of empty waste container
  • Apply regularly as new garbage is added to container
  • Spray directly into your garbage bag before closing
  • Keep hauling container lid closed when not in use
  • Apply product as needed during periods of high temperature
Contents :
EcoCare Odor Shield contains natural protein enzymes and surfactants derived from cereal, vegetable extracts, mineral nutrients and carbohydrate ferment.

Guarantee :
Nature Plus guarantees that this product is in conformity with the description on the label and is designed for and is effective for the specific applications stated thereon.

Since many factors affect product performance, Nature Plus is not liable for incidental or consequential damages, from mishandling or any cause whatsoever.

Handling :
Good handling practice and appropriate protection are always used when working with concentrated products.

Shake contents before using

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