EcoCare 1002-250A Odor Eliminator

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EcoCare 1002-250A is a concentrated natural fermentation product for treatment of odors

  • EcoCare 1002-250 formulated to eliminate amine odors
  • Safe; non-toxic
  • Biodegradable, environmentally friendly
  • Not a perfume or masking agent
Application :

EcoCare is tested and proven safe and effective to biodegrade and eliminate odors in:

  • sludge holding
  • filter operations
  • aeration
  • dewatering
  • sludge digestion
  • primary settling
  • septage receiving and pump stations
  • scrubbers
  • paper
  • plastic
  • meat rendering
  • food processing
  • dairies
  • sewage
  • animal
  • plant sources
  • scrubbers
  • breeding houses
  • animal barns
  • feed lots
  • stockyards
  • truck hauls
  • transfer stations
  • site filling and remediation
Instructions :
Dilute 1:50 - 1:500 depending on odor type and intensity. Apply as fog or fine mist in air, or direct spray on odor source.

Contents :
EcoCare 1002-250A contains natural protein enzymes and surfactants derived from Cereal, Vegetable Extracts, Carbohydrate Ferment.

Guarantee :
Nature Plus guarantees that this product is in conformity with the description on the label and is designed and appropriate for the specific applications stated thereon.

Since many factors affect product performance, Nature Plus is not liable for incidental or consequential damages, including loss or partial loss of a crop or livestock from any cause whatsoever.

Handling :
Good handling practice and appropriate protection are always used when working with concentrated products.

Net Contents : 55 US Gallons (220 Liters)
Shake contents before using.

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